Student Projects

HSFL strongly believes in providing students with hands-on experience to solve real-world problems. As a research facility, the need for project and infrastructure development is ongoing. HSFL has been able to partner with and mentor several groups who have been able to complete outstanding projects that aid in research and design at HSFL.

For more information about doing a student project at HSFL, please fill out this form ( or contact us at

Ongoing Projects

  • Ongoiong ME Senior Design Projects
    • BalloonSat
    • CanSat
    • Autonomous Vehicle utilizing COSMOS
  • Vertically Integrated Projects
  • Undergraduate Student Intern Projects
    • CubeSat ADCS Testing
    • CubeSat Testbed Electronics Board Design and  Development
    • CubeSat Testbed Hardware Design and Manufacturing
    • COSMOS Software Development
  • High School Intern Projects
    • COSMOS Hardware Interface

Proposed Projects

Please see our list of proposed projects here

Previous Projects

  • Torque Rod Development
  • Solar Simulator Test Stand
  • Helmholtz Cage System
  • Cold Gas Thruster
  • OBCS Embedded Board
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Satellite Tracker
  • Motor Controller Board Design and Development for Mass Trimming System
  • Motorized Mass Trimming System for Operational Test Bed
  • CubeSat Reaction Wheel Platform
  • FPGA Programming for Reaction Wheel Control

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