Neutron-1 Amateur Operations

Neutron-1 is a 3U CubeSatellite scheduled to be deployed from the ISS on November 5, 2020 at 10:40 UTC. For the first month and during the spacecraft commissioning phase, the beacon will transmit 1200bps BPSK every 60 seconds on the IARU coordinated  frequency of 435.300MHz . We welcome the worldwide Amateur community to collect the beacons and upload them here or forward them to The beacon format is now public and published here.

  • Spacecraft Name: Neutron-1
  • Call sign: WH6DNU
  • UHF Frequency (Downlink): 435.300MHz; BPSK; 1200bps
  • VHF Frequency (Uplink): 145.840MHz; FSK; 9600bps
  • Email beacon files to
  • Upload beacon files

After the initial commissioning phase, Amateurs will be able to use the V/U FM repeater during available times and according to the available power budget. Stay tuned for more mission updates on our Twitter account @HSFLNeutron1 and this page. For questions, visit our Q&A sheet, email, or send a DM on Twitter!




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