2-5U_asm_r1_NEUTRON-extThe NEUTRON-1 mission will measure low energy neutron flux in the low Earth orbit (LEO) environment in efforts to gather new science data.  The data gathered by a 3U CubeSat platform can contribute to understanding the complex relationship between Earth and Sun through mapping neutron abundances LEO. In combination with data obtained by other spacecraft and ground-based measurement stations, we will evaluate the variability of galactic cosmic radiation as a function of solar variability.

We will pay attention to unusual neutron abundances in relation to solar flares, solar particle events, and disturbances of the Earthʻs magnetic field.  We will also evaluate our neutron data for potential application in space weather characterization and radiation safety. The proposed neutron flux detector design is based on established detection methods, but will be miniaturized to fit within a CubeSat payload envelope.  In addition to the science, this first mission can provide flight heritage for further development of CubeSat based neutron detectors.

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