HSFL at SmallSat 2021

The Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory is participating at the SmallSat 2021 conference with talks, papers, presentations and live exhibit on zoom.

Live exhibit on zoom




HSFL Overview Presentation

HSFL Overview Video

University of Hawaii

Established in 1907, the University of Hawaii at Mānoa is the largest and oldest of the 10 UH campuses. Mānoa offers hundreds of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees as well as a strong, vital research program. UH Mānoa is one of 115 R1: Research Universities, considered to the top tier in the country, and one of a handful of land-, sea-, space-, and sun-grant institutions. It is a global leader in earth and environmental sciences, consistently ranked among the top 15 universities internationally, ahead of some of the world’s most prestigious schools. Within the University System, there are Organized Research Groups, including the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST).

Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory

The Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory (HSFL) is a multidisciplinary research and education center with a strong focus on aerospace technologies. HSFL designs, builds, tests, launches and operates microsatellites in the 1-150 kg range for a variety of science and educational objectives. HSFL was established in 2007 within the SOEST and the College of Engineering (CoE). HSFL is also embedded as a laboratory of the Hawai’i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology (HIGP), drawing expertise from leading planetary scientists at the University of Hawaii.

HSFL’s main goals are to:

  1. Promote innovative engineering and science research for terrestrial and planetary space missions
  2. Develop, launch, and operate small spacecraft from the Hawaiian Islands to accelerate the validation of new space technologies
  3. Provide workforce training in all aspects of unmanned space missions
  4. Establish synergistic collaboration between educational institutions, government, and industry interested in space exploration.

Cleanroom Tour

Contact information

For more information on HSFL, please contact us at info@hsfl.hawaii.edu

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