Updated 6/20/2017

  1. Purchases >$3,500, need three quotes
    1. Less than three quotes needs Attachment 1: Determination of Cost or Price Reasonableness. Examples.
    2. Only one quote must use Attachment 2: Sole Source Justification FormSole source is when there are NO other sources for item to be purchased. Examples.
  2. Vendors need an up-to-date W-9 on file RCUH. Sample request letter.
    1. Foreign individuals need W-8BEN
    2. Foreign companies need W-8BEN-E
  3. Vendor must fill out an ITAR classification form for certain items.
  4. Purchases >$25,000 need Hawaii State tax clearance.
  5. Purchases >$30,000 need Attachments 22 & 23.
    1. Attachment 22: Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters
    2. Attachment 23: Certification Regarding Payments to Influence Federal Transactions
  6. If terms and conditions (T&C) is referred to anywhere on the quote then RCUH will ask for a copy and amend to satisfy Hawaii State Purchasing Requirements.
  7. Purchases classified as equipment and >$5,000 need Attachment 7: Authorization to Purchase Equipment with Federal Contract or Grant Funds.
  8. Absolutely no credit card purchases for items or services >$3,500. NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED.
  9. If wire transfer is required, you must submit Attachment 43: Funds Transfer Fax Request. As of 7/21/2016, the bank charge for a wire transfer is $40.
  10. If deposit is required, you must submit Attachment 47: Request for Advance Payment and/or Deposit to a Vendor or Contractor. Vendor must submit a proforma invoice before payment can be made.

To make a purchase, fill out this form.