The goal of this project is to create a foundational enabler in the form of a low-cost CubeSat kit and develop an undergraduate course that transitions into an online course in the public domain. The objective of Phase 1 is to develop a kit that contains all subsystems of a fully functioning passive small satellite, or smallsat, with a target price of less than 5,000 USD.

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COSMOS, or the Comprehensive Open-architecture Solution for Mission Operations Systems, was originally funded by NASA EPSCoR and consists of a system of open-source software applications that are designed to be easily adaptable for multiple missions and diverse operation centers. This project is a collaborative effort between the HSFL, NASA Ames Research Center, and other universities.

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As an organization, HSFL is dedicated to promoting workforce development in the aerospace field. Through providing internship opportunities and design projects, HSFL workers have been able to teach and train undergraduate students to do a multitude of different tasks including electronic design, thermal simulations and testing, and radio communications.

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Our lab has a number of facilities to help transform spacecraft mission ideas into operations. Our facilities are available for collaborative efforts.  If you are interested in using our facilities, feel free to contact us for more information.


Write proposals for tech development or spaceflight missions, design small satellites, build small satellites, integrate small satellites, and test small satellites: thermal bake, vibration, electromagnetic, ADCS


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Summer internships for high school and university level students are hosted through the University of Hawaii’s College of Engineering. Each summer, HSFL hosts several interns who learn about circuits, soldering, programming, computer-aided design, machining safety and skills, and other aspects of aerospace engineering.


As part of workforce development efforts, we work closely with the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium to provide masters apprenticeships, as well as to providing doctorate level graduate assistantships.  The projects our graduate students work on include many different topics across aerospace, electrical, and mechanical engineering.


A brief overview of the Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory.