Vibration Table


img_1577The Dynamic Solutions® DS16000 electrodynamic vibration system is located in the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics Building on the main campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  This air-cooled system has a maximum displacement of 51mm, is capable of a maximum acceleration of 100G, and has a usable frequency of 5 to 2,200Hz. The system is capable of 7,000kgf in sine (peak), 7,000kgf in random (RMS), and 14,000kgf in shock (peak). A 1.2m octagonal head expander with a support suspension may be used in the vertical configuration or a 1.2m square slip table may be used horizontally. A mobile 1 ton gantry-hoist has been erected at the site to aid in loading operations.


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