Artemis Project Update: July 6th- July 12th

Amber’s Updates

Hiapo received frequency coordination from the IARU and is one document away from getting to submit all documents to the FCC step. We also started working on the ODAR parts list for Artemis.

Mechanical Team

Within the past week, the mechanical team discussed Helicoil inserts for the main aluminum frame and started working on two separate deployer systems, finalized selection for structure hardware such as screws, nuts, inserts, and rods. The team also set up the ADCS testbed as well as the air bearing system and motion camera, worked on satellite deployment design as well as looking into S-band and payload development for the antenna deployer. They also are assembling and printing out CAD models??? And set up the 3D printer and began printing the prototype of the antenna deployer 

The Software Team

The team started working on agent radio and looked into how to operate with XDL Micro. Also worked on agent Raspberry Pi and read up on point-to-point protocol (PPP). Worked on implementing agent PyCubed. The Agent radio is mostly complete but still needs to make a couple of changes to use the XDL Micro. In addition, the team soldered the Gumstix Tobi board and also were able to get the Gumstix to connect to the desktop machine and run shell commands. New python modules have been installed and the software notebook has been updated to include Raspberry Pi. With an addition of an HDMI- A to C cable the Raspberry Pi successfully booted. The team worked on propagator simple and were able to make progress and receive values. Furthermore, the payload script is now functional and the python CubeSat library has been restructured and rewritten. 

The Avionics Team

The team created a temperature profile for the boards using the soldering oven and started the 24-hour bake. For Hiapo, the board and BOM are completed! The EAGLE schematic and board design have been uploaded to the Hiapo drive and are ready for final inspection before being sent out for manufacturing. On another note, the Mouser shipment arrived for some of the PyCubed mainboard and battery board parts. They also took inventory and double-checked/updated the PyCubed BOM to match accordingly. Finally, The board layout design, as well as the EAGLE schematic and board, have all been updated and are uploaded to the radio folder in the Hiapo drive.

ST Payload OBC RaspPi2

ST Payload Script

AT PyCubed Battery Board

ST Payload OBC RaspPi

MT Antenna Proto Design

MT Antenna Proto Design 2

AT PyCubed Main Board



Artemis Project Update: June 29th-July 5th

Mechanical Team

Made structural parts such as the mounting board and updated the mounting holes.

The Software Team

The software team changed the message preamble, restructured the module, and added code for cycling power to BeagleBone until the start-up flag is received. They also started working on implementing new PyCubed Protocol onto BeagleBone 

The Avionics Team


MT Mounting Holes

MT Mounting Holes2

ST BeagleBone Board

Artemis Project Update: June 22nd-28th

The Mechanical Team

The mechanical team discusses structure considerations to modify the design to account for ISIS compatibility and deployment system. They also documented quotes from CubeSat vendors, reviewed ISIS structure and compared it to the current structure, worked on a mass budget, and worked on a document for expected heat loads. Furthermore, they transferred Solidworks models to Onshape.

The Software Team

The software team successfully tested GPIO class for blinking LEDs and started writing PyCubed code. They also successfully wrote BeagleBone tests for blinking GPIO pin, temperature sensors, sun sensors, and switching devices by name.


The Avionics Team

The avionics team updated the OBC Eagle file by cleaning paths/traces and added grounds to all external connectors. The BOM for the PyCubed board and the BOM for the battery and PyCubed main have both been updated and finished. 

ST PyCubed and Beaglebone Handoff

MT Deployment Vehicle

AT OBC Flowchart

AT First Design

AT OBC Current Design

ST Temperature Sensor

ST Sun Sensor