Kelly Ngo

Michael Mori/ July 29, 2022/

Research Topics: I aid in the design, testing, and development of the Artemis CubeSat Kit. My focus is on the avionics systems, specifically the on-board computer (OBC) and electrical power system (EPS). My day-to-day tasks centers around printed circuit board (PCB) hardware design and verification.

Projects: Artemis CubeSat, Project POKE, Project Ke Ao

After completing my Master’s degree, I plan to apply my newfound knowledge, skills, and experience to make an impact in the world of aerospace engineering. This field has always interested me because the universe is a largely unexplored mystery with vast potential and beauty, and its study brings us closer to understanding humanity’s place in the universe. In my aerospace journey, Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory has given me endless opportunities to create and explore and has provided me with so much support — for this I will always be grateful.

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