Aksel Sloan

Michael Mori/ July 29, 2022/

Research: Communications systems Bio: Applied Physics BS from UC Santa Cruz, Current ECE Masters student at UH Manoa, I’ve done PBC manufacturing and testing, PCB design, and communication programming, Love HSFL, I deeply appreciate the flexibility and family feeling. I think we could do more to be organized though.

Kelly Ngo

Michael Mori/ July 29, 2022/

Research Topics: I aid in the design, testing, and development of the Artemis CubeSat Kit. My focus is on the avionics systems, specifically the on-board computer (OBC) and electrical power system (EPS). My day-to-day tasks centers around printed circuit board (PCB) hardware design and verification. Bio: After completing my Master’s degree, I plan to apply my newfound knowledge, skills, and

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