June 15th-21st

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MT General Board Layout
MT SolidWorks Model
MT SolidWorks Model 2
MT Themal Design
MT Thermal
ST PyCubed Board
ST Software System Diagram
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Mechanical Team                                         

The mechanical team ran an FEA on the updated model and updated the thermal model to the drive. The SolidWorks model has been improved and updated the OBS to include the BBB which was mounted upside down and caused issues with the ethernet ports and connections. To combat this issue, we made cuts on the PCB to account for the ports. We are also working on including an antenna deployment system. Also, the team started 3D printing out the PC104 Boards and drafting out major components. They successfully placed the model under a 1200 N axial load and received new values for the factor of safety and von mises stress. 

Software Team

The software team made modifications to the software systems diagram as well as embedded a Python interpreter using pybind11 and was able to get Python scripts to run.

Avionics Team

The avionics team started working on the Eagle schematic and successfully mounted the Raspberry Pi and BBB.

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