My research and work is focused on the development, launch and operations of small satellite missions carrying newly developed scientific payloads. I am serving the University of Hawaii as an Assistant Specialist Faculty; as the Deputy Director of the Hawai'i Space Flight Laboratory (HSFL); as the Systems Engineer for Neutron-1 and the HyTI missions. I have 10+ years of experience in the various spacecraft subsystems such as the Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS), On Board Computer (OBC), Flight Software, Thermal Control, Power Distribution and Radio Communications.

During my PhD research I developed a new Multi-Agent Robotic System to control and operate Multi-Satellite missions. This research will enable autonomous and intelligent space systems to collaboratively work together in new scientific endeavors that would not otherwise be possible such as Earth Observing Constellations, or Deep Space Observing Networks made of 100+ robotic assets working collaboratively. My ultimate goals is to bridge my research and the great potential that exists with the researchers across the University of Hawaii System to learn more about the Earth, the Solar System and the Universe.

Keywords: Small Satellites, CubeSats, Multi-Agent Robotic Systems (MARS), Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), Flight Software, Space mission planning, Space Sensor development.

Recent Work

NASA HyTI Mission. Solar Panel Fit Check.

Working on the mission as the Deputy-PI and Systems Engineer.

Neutron-1 is being deployed from the ISS on Nov 5, 2020.

Onboard Astronauts took the picture at the ISS. Worked on the mission as the Systems Engineer and Assistant Project Manager.

Working in the HSFL cleanroom on the ADCS Test Facility

I am preparing the ADCS test facility before running ADCS test campaigns for HiakaSat. This is one of the most advanced attitude determination and control determincatoin testbeds in the world.


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