The LEONIDAS program has completed a successful test firing of one of its rocket motors. Learn more about the LEONIDAS program here.

COSMOS Mission Operations Software

Find out more about HSFL's COSMOS mission operations software. With its operational architecture featured in 'Space Mission Analysis and Design, 4th Edition,' this software implements a suite of tools to support a very wide range of space missions, and even terrestrial applications.

Ground Stations: New MC3 Collaboration

The MC3, or Mobile CubeSat Command and Control, was designed by the Naval Postgraduate School and just recently installed at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It will be used by both the Naval Postgraduate School as well as HSFL for ground station development efforts.


HSFL is dedicated to teaching students about the techniques and processes involved in aerospace engineering.

Missions to Space

Increasing access to space for small satellites is one of our primary goals. Find out more about our first missions to low Earth orbit!


As a research facility, we have excellent testing and integration facilities that range from avionics fabrication to environmental testing.