As an organization, HSFL is dedicated to promoting workforce development in the aerospace field. Through providing internship opportunities and design projects, HSFL workers have been able to teach and train undergraduate students to do a multitude of different tasks including electronic design, thermal simulations and testing, and radio communications.

Current and former students/staff members.

Summer Internships

Summer internships for high school and university level students are hosted through the University of Hawaii’s College of Engineering. Each summer, HSFL hosts several interns who learn about circuits, soldering, programming, computer aided design, machining safety and skills, and other aspects of aerospace engineering. Students work with staff members, some of which are University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Engineering alumni with Masters degrees in Electrical and Mechanical engineering. More information about the high school internship program can be found here.

Student Projects

HSFL provides projects and mentors to student design projects within the College of Engineering, which are required for students within the CoE. Hardworking and dedicated junior and senior level students have completed many projects for HSFL which has provided an opportunity to be part of the HSFL team and enabled them to learn from the engineers who work here. This helps to develop a workforce of skilled engineering students who know various aspects in the aerospace field and can apply their knowledge to real world problems. To learn more about current student projects, to see the archive of our past student projects, or to do a project with us, visit our Student Projects page.

Space Grant Fellowships

The Hawaii Space Grant Consortium, as a participant in the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, invites applicants for NASA Undergraduate Space Grant Fellowships to support original research projects in the fields relevant to NASA’s goals as defined in the current Strategic Plan for NASA. The goal is to expand opportunities for U.S. citizens to understand and participate in NASA’s aeronautics and space programs by supporting and enhancing science and engineering education, research, and outreach programs. All full-time undergraduates enrolled at UH Manoa or UH Hilo who have declared a major and are U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for fellowships. Each student must be sponsored by a mentor and have a project that will take them between ten to fifteen hours per week for a semester. Financial support includes a stipend of $4000 per semester and up to $500 for supplies and/or pertinent travel. For more information about the fellowship program, visit the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium page. To see past Space Grant funded HSFL projects, visit the Space Grant Fellowships page.

For more information about the outreach opportunities that HSFL offers, please contact us at